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Harris Companies History

Roger Harris started his electrical business in 1960 out of his home in Arthur, Illinois. This consisted of mostly farmstead electrical wiring and some residential wiring. His wife Glenna assisted Roger by doing the book work. In 1961, Roger and Glenna moved to Atwood where they continued to operate the business out of their home. Roger worked by himself until 1965 when he hired his first employee, George Fombelle.

Roger purchased the building where he operates his business today from Paul T. Quick in 1969. Many changes have been made to the building. In 1970 Wanda Long was the first hired office employee. Roger, with the help of Lloyd Lowder, started Harris Industries, Inc. in 1977. Harris Industries, Inc. was established to provide a service within the grain industry to repair old wooden “manlifts”. He later expanded this service to include special purpose personnel elevators and belt manlifts.

In 2003, Harris Companies expanded their operation by forming Harris International Elevator, Inc. (formerly Viola Industries and International Elevator Co. Inc.) In March of 2005, R. Harris Electric Inc., Harris Industries, Inc. and Harris International Elevator, Inc. merged to form one company retaining the name Harris International Elevator, Inc.

In 2012, R. Harris Electric Inc. and Harris International Elevator Inc. formed one company, Harris Companies Inc. with two divisions; Elevator and Electric. Though the names have changed throughout the years, the ownership remains the same.

Harris Companies Inc. celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2020. Roger, and the entire Harris crew, take pride in what started out as a one-man electrical business operated out of a home, to what continues to expand into a multifaceted business which takes Roger and his employees worldwide today.

Roger Harris started his electrical business in 1960 out of his home in Arthur, Illinois.
Scott and Stan in the early stages of Harris Companies.

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Harris Companies Inc, family owned and operated since 1960, is comprised of the Elevator division and the Electric division. 

We are committed to serving industrial, petro-chemical and agribusiness companies in the United States and abroad with safe, quality products, experienced personnel, superior service and competitive prices.