Hazardous Monitoring Systems

Harris Companies Inc, Electric division provide sales, installation and service of hazardous monitoring systems. Hazardous monitoring includes such items as hot bearing, belt alignment, motion sensing and bin level. 


Temperature Cable Systems

Harris Companies Inc,Electric division provides sales, installation and service of temperature cable systems.  These temperature cable systems are designed to monitor the temperature of any bulk commodity whose integrity can be adversely impacted by heat damage. 


PLC Hardware and Updates

Harris Companies Inc, Electric division replaces hardwired relay logic control systems with programmable logic controllers for flexibility and future growth.  This also aids with troubleshooting and maintenance. 



Explosion Suppression System Installations

Harris Companies Inc, installs Fenwal Protection Systems within facilities subject to hazardous dusts, gases or vapors.  Explosion suppression system provides valuable protection for your employees, facility and your business.


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