What our clients are saying...

"Our freight Elevator went down the week of Christmas. Our main gear drive stripped out. We pulled out the drive assembly and sent it to Harris International Elevator, Inc. The drive was a 22-year old Viola Industries unit. Harris had the parts in stock and started the rebuild process immediately. Scott and Stan Harris helped me update the control panel to install a 15 HP Allen Bradley Inverter to soft start the freight elevator. They provided prints and drive settings at no charge to help us to extend the life of the drive and smooth out the operation of the elevator. The rebuilt drive assembly arrived back to the plant in approximately two weeks. Harris had rebuilt the drive, brake assembly, drive motor, and had turned the cable drum. We had basically received a new complete drive assembly. In a manufacturing plant, you just do not realize how our freight elevator hampered our manufacturing in the two busiest weeks of the year. Thanks to Harris International Elevator, Inc. and all of their employees for the great job they performed!"

- Jim Manning, Southern States Coop Feed Mill


"Our company purchased a 500 pound two-passenger personnel hoist from Harris International Elevator, Inc. in 2004. The unit traveled 135 feet with multiple landings, came completely enclosed and was installed by our employees next to a pipe tower. This is a very nice installation and the unit runs as smooth as any unit that I have ever rode on in my 32 years in the grain elevator business. If we have the opportunity to install another unit we will definitely look to Harris International Elevator, Inc. to supply it. We are definitely pleased with the unit and our customer is more than pleased with their manlift."

- Walter Paxson, V.P. Sales - Elevator Services and Storage, Inc.