What our clients are saying...

"Awesome, thanks a ton Scott.

Just an fyi-- very impressed with your build on the Marathon project.

Thanks Tony

- Tony Hurn, Marathon Oil

"This message is very late coming to you. All of the team wanted to thank Bill and yourself for helping us get the elevator completed. We could not have done it without you.

Just a note we have just got the tower open to the public last Saturday. On Sunday morning we had a very bad lighting storm and the tower was struck damaging several electrical components. We are still waiting on delivery from Europe. Good news is the service elevator survived the lighting strike. Thanks Again

- Joe E. Bixler, International Leisure Consulting, Inc.

"To Furture customers of Harris Elevator, Inc.

Here are the reasons why I am recommending the Harris personnel elevator:

  • A very well built unit which as been very reliable. Due to the wheel design vs the guides, the Harris elevator’s ride is much smoother
  • Competitive pricing
  • Very skilled installers who take no short-cuts.  Multiple safety observations were performed on the crew during the installation without a safety rule violation
  • Followed all of our companies (outside contractor) rules very well.
  • Installation of the unit was around 6 weeks from start to finish which is about ½ the time it took other companies to install their units

Any questions, I would be happy to discuss. Have a safe week!

- Joe Kovacs, Project Supt- ADM Decatur East Plant

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